10 Annoying Things People Who Don’t Smoke Weed Say

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snoopwhat 10 Annoying Things People Who Dont Smoke Weed Say

Consuming ganja isn’t a big deal. Still, folks act like it’s some crazy plant from outer space. Indeed, pot enthusiasts have heard it all when it comes to commentary from rookies. It’s like a virgin talking about sex; they’re clueless. Luckily, though, many of you have a sense of humor and can laugh it off anyway. And for your amusement, here are ten annoying things people that don’t smoke weed say.

1. Pot smells funny



If you don’t like the way weed smells, then you must also dislike pretty much every scent out there. Not only can cannabis smell like clean linen, but it can also have a cookie-like fragrance, depending on the strain.

2. Smoking weed will ruin my diet



Obviously, cannabis can give you the munchies. But that doesn’t mean you cannot maintain a proper diet. It’s called self-control, duh. Not to mention, weed lowers your risk of obesity.

3. My boyfriend/girlfriend won’t let me get high



First of all, it’s time to get a new love if they’re controlling you like that. Second, it’s weed, not heroin. You can make your own decisions.

4. It makes me too sleepy



Yes, the herb can make you sleepy. On the other hand, it can also give you energy. Therefore, this classic excuse no longer works, not that it ever did. Just choose a sativa rather than an indica, and you’re all set.

5. I don’t want my throat to burn



Again, this isn’t a valid excuse. There is more than one way to consume cannabis, some of which don’t require smoking it at all. Instead of hitting the bong, try a joint, a consumption method that is less harsh on the lungs.

6. People are awkward when they’re high



So, maybe there’s some truth behind this one. Still, who says you have to talk? Sit down, turn on a good movie, and relax.

7. The feeling is too weird



Indeed, being high is a different feeling. But what’s not to love? The intense feeling of calm that eases your stress away? Or, the sense of euphoria? Perhaps you’re the oddball of the bunch.

8. Can you light it for me?



Of course, someone will likely help you light your ganja once. However, this also means they’ll have to do everything else, from grinding the bud to rolling the blunt. At this point, they might as well smoke it for you, too.

9. I don’t feel like getting high today



There is no wrong day to get high. Unless you are going to court, or need to pass a drug test, then you have no reason not to blaze.

10. Can we watch something funny?


After smoking weed, rookies typically want to watch something funny. Sure, comedies are great. But there are too many options out there to stick to one genre.

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