7 Popular Smoke Tricks You Should Know

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rollling machine snoop 7 Popular Smoke Tricks You Should Know

A good smoke trick can be a show-stopper when smoking your favorite bud, as some tricks show a sophistication and control of the smoke, which many people just don’t have. To help get you started, here are seven ways for blowing smoke, with everything from a French inhale to the Ghost.

1. Single O’s

There are a few ways to blow an O, and the most common is to do a coughing action with your throat, but instead of a heavy clearing throat cough, you are aiming to do a very light version; imagine you’re in a library and you need to cough. The amount of smoke is key to forming O’s, experiment with deep inhales and light inhales and see what’s best.

Another tip for forming O shapes is the shape of your mouth, try moving your jaw to create smaller and larger circles. You can also make O’s by tapping the side of your open mouth whilst exhaling.

2. Double and Triple O’s

Simply place your finger in the middle of your mouth. It’s that simple, right?

3. French Inhale

Begin by taking a nice hit from your smoking utensil of choice. Then, start the exhalation through your mouth, but switch to a nose exhalation half way through (while continuing to exhale through your mouth).

Vice-versa, you can do this trick by starting the exhalation through your nose then switching to a mouth exhalation (while continuing to exhale through your nose).

4. The Dragon

Just exhale vapor out of your nose and mouth at the same time. Sounds pretty easy but it takes some coordination!

5. Jellyfish

When you blow a good O you can attempt making it into a jellyfish by following the O and then blowing a puff in the center. It works best when the O has expanded first.

6. Ghost

After you inhale a monster hit, simply keep your head level and exhale the smoke in a controlled fashion with your mouth open wide. When done correctly, the smoke should cover your entire face creating a ghost-like effect.

7. Bane inhale

This is a modification of the French inhale where you create strings of vapor between your teeth and bottom lip.

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