7 Signs You Need A New Dealer

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Ways You Know hero 7 Signs You Need A New Dealer

Are you not happy with the bags of weed you’ve been getting lately? Or, is your budman starting to act sketch? If so, then it may be time to find a new dealer. Unfortunately, those who live in states where pot is illegal don’t have the luxury of walking into a dispensary for their weedly needs. Instead, they must find a dealer. Not just any dealer, but one that they can rely on to serve them quality bud. That’s easier said than done, though. If you have a feeling that it’s time to make a change, then here are 7 ways you know you need a new dealer.

1. They short you

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If you have a feeling that you’ve been shorted, nine times out of ten you’re probably right. One thing you don’t need in your life is a dealer that consistently picks from your bag. In case you aren’t sure, invest in a scale so you can weigh the goods yourself.

2. They serve you shitty weed

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There’s nothing more infuriating than spending your money on a bag of garbage. For the most part, shitty weed is typically dry and crumbles apart fairly easily. If this is the kind of quality your dealer is offering, then do yourself a favor and never buy weed from them again.

3. Your stash always comes with lots of stems and seeds

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It’s not the stems and seeds that you want to smoke; it’s the bud. Any decent dealer knows that the customer wants nugs, not a bunch of stems and seeds. However, a bad dealer doesn’t care and will throw a bunch in just to make weight.

4. They have stood you up on multiple occasions

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Of course, life happens, and for whatever reason, your dealer may stand you up a time or two. A reliable dealer will tell you beforehand that they can’t meet you or they will explain why they skipped out on you later on. But if it’s something that happens rather frequently, then they likely don’t care about your money.

5. Your dealer charges way too much for their pot

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Occasionally, you’ll come across a dealer that wants more for their weed than what it’s worth. To avoid being ripped off, do your research and find out how much pot goes for in your state. Just ask some of your stoner buddies. Or, find a forum online.

6. They know absolutely nothing about what they’re selling

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From the name of the strain to its effects, your dealer should be informed on the product he or she is selling. If not, then it makes it look like they haven’t even tried it themselves. How can you trust that what you’re about to smoke is safe if your dealer can’t even tell you anything about it?

7. They seem sketch

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If you catch bad vibes every time you go to your budman, it’s because you know deep down that they’re sketchy AF. For example, they may ask you to meet at suspicious places. Or, they may be overly open about what they do, which puts the both of you at risk for getting caught. Always trust your instincts.

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