Alaska On-Site Cannabis Consumption Proposal Unveiled

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Cannabis regulators in Alaska have released a draft for on-site cannabis consumption rules that would allow licensed retail stores to obtain an on-site consumption endorsement and allow use in a designated area. The proposal would require the area to be separated from “the remainder of the premises” either as a separate building or by a secure door, with its own ventilation system, if smoking were permitted by the retailer.

The measure would not permit on-site concentrate consumption, and retailers could only sell up to 1 gram of flower and edibles with 10 milligrams of THC or less for consumption on the premises. Food and beverage products containing neither alcohol nor cannabis would also be allowed to be sold in the designated area. Customers would not be allowed to bring their own cannabis products under the rules.

Alaska retailers would pay a $1,000 for a new, or renewal, on-site consumption endorsement.

Municipalities would be allowed to protest the issuance of endorsements within 60 days of the Director of the Alcohol and Marijuana Control Board sending notice of an application in their jurisdiction. Local governments could also recommend the board impose conditions on site proposals, but it would be the responsibility of the municipality to monitor that those conditions are being met.

The proposal will likely be considered during the Sept. 14-15 meeting of the state Marijuana Control Board.

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