Applications Trickling In for Michigan Medical Marijuana Licenses

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Applications are trickling in from people interested in obtaining a license in Michigan’s medical marijuana industry.

As of Dec. 29-–two weeks after the state began accepting applications to grow, process or transport medical marijuana, or to operate a provision center or safety compliance facility-–82 had been received, according to David Hairns of the Licensing and Regulatory Affairs which oversees the medical marijuana licensing program.

Of the 82 applications, 68 were submitted for prequalification purposes-–meaning the state will get the process underway by conducting background checks on the applicant and associates with an ownership interest. The other 14, submitted as complete, are seeking licenses as growers, processors and provision center operators. Another 208 online applications are in process, Hairns said.

Applicants in the prequalification stage have paid the required $6,000 fee, but have not yet identified the community where business will be conducted, which is needed for a license. Meeting that requirement could be slow-going, particularly in Oakland County where Orion Township is the only municipality so far to adopt an ordinance authorizing medical marijuana operations, according to Cannabis Legal Group, a Royal Oak-based law firm. Hazel Park is holding a special meeting Thursday to vote on its medical marijuana ordinance and some other communities are expected to do so this year, but a number of municipalities have already said such operations won’t be allowed. Among them are Holly, Rose and Waterford townships.

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Source: Cannabis Business Times

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