Canadian Farmers Say Government Regulation of Hemp Crops Costing Millions of Dollars

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In hemp fields across Canada, farmers spend months planting, watering and weeding the hemp. But when harvest time comes, part of the plant is tossed aside, even though it’s quite valuable.

It’s called cannabidiol, better known as CBD, and it’s contained in the flowering parts and leaves of the hemp plant.

“Just the leaves themselves, we’re not allowed to harvest,” said Keith Jones, the general manager of Rowland Farms.

“We have to just spread them back on the ground.”

Jones manages the largest hemp farm in the world, located in Taber, Alta. He says they’re forced to waste CBD-rich parts of the plant.

“Unfortunately, Health Canada’s regulation only allows us to harvest the seed and the stalk,” he said.

Source: 420Intel – Politics

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