Marijuana Access Linked to Decreased Alcohol, Opioid Usage, says Eaze

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Coming home after a long day at work has become synonymous with pouring a big glass of wine, but is this long-held American tradition changing? California-based medical marijuana technology company Eaze just released a new report which shows that alcohol drinkers in California are turning to marijuana as a safer, more natural alternative for alleviating everyday stress. Many people would typically open a bottle of post-work … Read More

Healthcare Technology Heavily Influencing the Legal Cannabis Patient Industry

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The injection of modern technology into the developing world of cannabis and legal medical marijuana is helping the industry climb to new heights and increase engagement with consumers, especially when it comes to cannabis patients in the medical facet of the industry. The synergy created between modern technology and the explosive cannabis industry is allowing leaders in marijuana to leverage … Read More

GB Sciences Seeks Patent for Cannabis-based Treatment for Bowel Diseases

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GB Sciences is seeking a patent for marijuana-based mixtures capable of preventing and treating several inflammatory disorders, including inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The patent application involves using cannabinoid-containing complex mixtures (CCCM) to disrupt the signaling pathways of  immune cells that play a role in inflammatory diseases starting and continuing. It the second application for a life-sciences invention by GB Sciences’s subsidiary, Growblox Life Sciences. GB Sciences … Read More

Nine ways federal marijuana laws are limiting rights of residents in legal weed states

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Nine ways federal marijuana laws are limiting rights of residents in legal weed states Derek Peterson, CEO and president of Terra Tech. Just weeks after Prop. 64 passed, Peterson learned the company that for two years had managed Terra Tech’s payroll and health benefits would be dropping them, Dec. 31, because of concern over their role in the cannabis industry. … Read More

Why the Trump Administration Will NOT Attack Legal Marijuana States

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Despite well-founded fear in the cannabis culture about the nation’s new president, Donald Trump is unlikely to go after state-level cannabis laws. Instead, we believe that the Trump Administration will take a hands-off, allow-the-states-to-decide approach that will allow things to continue, for the most part, as they have the past several years. Here’s a few reasons why: First off, politics … Read More

In Which States Can I Legally (And Publicly) Smoke Weed?

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The cascade of new recreational cannabis initiatives that have been passed across the country in recent years has led many to wonder whether they will be allowed to imbibe in public. Colorado Photo credit The Promised Land for cannabis consumers first passed its legalization initiative in 2012. It’s stratified – rather, high – position in the minds of cannabis activists and users comes … Read More

15 Celebrities Who Openly Love Weed (And Don’t Care Who Knows It)

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Why should you care about celebrities that smoke weed? Well, despite the success of weed users, there are still people that associate pot users as being lazy. However, celebrities and their numerous accomplishments are helping to prove that you can smoke weed and still go places in life. From actors to rap sensations, here are 15 celebrities who openly love weed. … Read More

Hawaii’s First Two Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Approved for Business

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Hawaii’s first two medical marijuana dispensaries have been approved by the Department of Health. Maui Wellness Group, d.b.a. Maui Grown Therapies, and Aloha Green Holdings on Oahu were given the go-ahead to acquire and grow marijuana for medical products. Other dispensaries on Oahu, Maui, and Kauai are scheduled for inspections this month. Dispensaries on Hawaii Island are expected to be … Read More

Many Excited as Willie Nelson’s New Cannabis Brand Hits the Vegas Market

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With burning joints raised high, about 200 marijuana industry employees and representatives celebrated the arrival of country music legend and marijuana advocate Willie Nelson on Tuesday in downtown Las Vegas, commemorating the debut of Nelson’s brand of cannabis products in the Las Vegas Valley. “We’ve been working on this for over a year because they wanted a place where recreational … Read More

Marijuana Sales Expected to Rise for Super Bowl Weekend

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The Super Bowl isn’t just for beer drinkers, marijuana consumption also jumps for the big game. According to the Nielsen Company, nine out of 10 people watch the super bowl at someone’s home making it easy to smoke pot recreationally while watching football. Joel Minton, Chief Executive Officer of Baker, a cannabis customer platform, found that casual smokers prepared for the big … Read More