Charges Dropped Against DCMJ Activists

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On 4/20 this year, a group of well-known cannabis activists, DCMJ, decided to celebrate the holiday with a giveaway of over a thousand joints. Unfortunately, those efforts only lasted about an hour before the event was entirely shut down by Capitol Police – who decided to make 8 arrests. While all 8 of those arrested spent the night in jail, … Read More

Nevada Court Rules Against Liquor Wholesalers in Cannabis Distribution Case

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A Nevada District Court judge has denied a preliminary injunction sought by liquor distributors to prevent the state Tax Department from licensing cannabis businesses to distribute recreational products from cultivators and manufacturers to retailers, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports. Carson City District Judge James Todd Russell ruled that alcohol wholesalers were unable to satisfy the demand for deliveries; however the … Read More

German Doctor Enters Hunger Strike in Protest of Nation’s ‘Bureaucratic’ MMJ Laws

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The chairman of the German Association for Cannabis as Medicine, Dr. Franjo Grotenherman, has entered an “indefinite” hunger strike until Germany “decriminalize all citizens who need cannabis to treat their serious diseases,” according to a press release from Grotenherman published by In the release, the long-time cannabis activist called Germany’s medical cannabis law “too bureaucratic” and makes treatment with … Read More

Competing Cannabis Legalization Ballot Measure Unveiled in Michigan

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Michigan’s Board of Canvassers has approved a second potential 2018 ballot measure to legalize cannabis use in the state, which the sponsor, Timothy Locke, calls “the Second Amendment of cannabis,” the Detroit Free Press reports. The measure would nullify all of the state’s cannabis laws and permit its use without taxes, fines, or penalties. Additionally, the measure would release anyone … Read More

Survey Finds Marketers Lukewarm to Enter Cannabis Space

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According to a survey by Emerging Insider, a content relations firm, marketers throughout North America are split on whether or not they would be open to working with the cannabis industry. The survey of 600 marketers found 43 percent of respondents were willing to take on cannabis industry clients, while 32 percent said they would not be open to taking on … Read More

Without Banks, Lawmaker Calls AR Medical Marijuana Business Wild, Wild West

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Future medical marijuana growers and sellers in the Natural State can’t take their money to the bank, for now, that is. After doing his homework, the state lawmaker who crafted the new cannabis laws has learned more money, more problems when it comes to doing business without banking assistance.  “Other states in the earlier times when they started off had … Read More

California rushes to prepare for legal marijuana sales

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With four months left until full legalization, the apparatus to regulate commercial cannabis sales in California is being built on the fly. Up to 82 people must be hired. Software must be written to accept applications of thousands of entrepreneurs hoping to legally sell marijuana. Regulations governing sales aren’t fully cooked. Welcome to Lori Ajax’s world. She is the director … Read More

Florida cities face 'all or nothing' choices on medical marijuana

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Florida cities and counties are in a dilemma about pot. State lawmakers approved regulations in June that left city and county officials with a Hobson’s choice about the sale of medical marijuana in their communities. Local governments can either impose outright bans on medical-marijuana dispensaries or allow unlimited numbers of marijuana retail outlets, under an “all or nothing” approach approved … Read More

Medical marijuana bill on its way to Indiana legislature — and a Republican is behind it

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A Republican lawmaker plans to introduce a bill during the upcoming legislative session that would legalize medical marijuana. Rep. Jim Lucas of Seymour said he is still working out the details, but has “every intention of introducing a bill that legalizes medical marijuana.” “I can’t comprehend how we can deny people something that provides them with relief that’s not addictive … Read More