Historic Day for Medical Cannabis in Utah

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Utah Governor, Gary Herbert, signed historic legislation into law today allowing Medical Cannabis Research in human trials. While Medical Cannabis is not yet legal in Utah, this is a huge step towards studying the medicinal value of cannabis, and the responsible methods for dosing it to patients . The bill, HB0130 Cannabinoid Research, sponsored by Representative Brad Daw and Co-sponosred … Read More

Utah Senate gives early nod to medical Cannabis Research Bill

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By BENJAMIN WOOD | The Salt Lake Tribune A bill opening the door to research of medical marijuana cleared its first Senate vote on Wednesday with near-unanimous approval. Senators voted 27-1 for HB130, which permits the study of cannabinoid products for medical use and creates a review board to consider potential recommendations for future marijuana policy. “It does not dictate any kind of a … Read More

DEA Removes Marijuana Propaganda From Website

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Agency now admits weed doesn’t cause cancer or psychosis. Although the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has all but refused to consider the cannabis plant as having any medicinal application within the confines of the Controlled Substances Act, the nation’s leading drug sniffing hounds recently eliminated some misinformation about the potential dangers of the herb from the its website. The update to … Read More

Marijuana Access Linked to Decreased Alcohol, Opioid Usage, says Eaze

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Coming home after a long day at work has become synonymous with pouring a big glass of wine, but is this long-held American tradition changing? California-based medical marijuana technology company Eaze just released a new report which shows that alcohol drinkers in California are turning to marijuana as a safer, more natural alternative for alleviating everyday stress. Many people would typically open a bottle of post-work … Read More

Cannabis Exerts Powerful Neuroprotective Effects And May Soon Be Used In Stroke And Cardiac Emergencies

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over 100 active cannabinoids in cannabis. It accounts for 40 percent of the plant’s extract and widely considered to be one of it’s most powerful constituents that heals cells. Emergency teams in cardiac and stroke units may one day use CBD’s neuroprotective effects to prevent the onset of debilitating symptoms developing from stroke and cardiac … Read More

Study: Cannabis Extract Associated With Improved Survival Rates In Glioma Patients

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London, United Kingdom: Brain tumor patients treated with cannabis extracts possessed increased one-year survival rates compared to those who went untreated, according to clinical trial data reported this week by British biotechnology firm GW Pharmaceuticals. Twenty-one patients with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme and who were undergoing conventional anti-cancer treatment participated in the study. Patients received either a proprietary cannabis extract containing a combination of THC and … Read More

GW Pharma’s Marijuana Drug Could Treat Brain Cancer

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GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH) is already well on its way to winning the first-ever U.S. approval for a cannabis-derived therapy. But an early trial suggests that these treatments could also be an effective way to fight one of most devastating forms of brain cancers: glioblastoma multiforme. The U.K.-based company unveiled preliminary data Tuesday from a mid-stage study on an experimental drug combining cannabidiol and THC, … Read More

Healthcare Technology Heavily Influencing the Legal Cannabis Patient Industry

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The injection of modern technology into the developing world of cannabis and legal medical marijuana is helping the industry climb to new heights and increase engagement with consumers, especially when it comes to cannabis patients in the medical facet of the industry. The synergy created between modern technology and the explosive cannabis industry is allowing leaders in marijuana to leverage … Read More

GB Sciences Seeks Patent for Cannabis-based Treatment for Bowel Diseases

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GB Sciences is seeking a patent for marijuana-based mixtures capable of preventing and treating several inflammatory disorders, including inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The patent application involves using cannabinoid-containing complex mixtures (CCCM) to disrupt the signaling pathways of  immune cells that play a role in inflammatory diseases starting and continuing. It the second application for a life-sciences invention by GB Sciences’s subsidiary, Growblox Life Sciences. GB Sciences … Read More