“Dudeism” Is A Religion Dedicated To The Big Lebowski And It’s Seriously Chill

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Every so often, a film comes along that connects so deeply with the hearts and imagination of its viewers, that fans find it impossible to walk away from the Hollywood-manufactured universe they experienced in the movie theatre. Whether it’s Fight Club fans engaging in actual bare-knuckle boxing tournaments that inevitably result in hospitalization, or South Park fans shamefully bullying other … Read More

We Spoke To An Oil Rig Worker To Find Out How They Beat Drug Tests

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There are few places in the world that take drug-screenings more seriously than the infamous Alberta Oil Sands. As the third largest oil reserve on the planet, the Oil Sands produces 2.5 million barrels of bitumen per day. Four hours north of Edmonton, Fort McMurray is a remote oil outpost only accessible by plane or a two lane-highway known by … Read More

This Olympic Gold Medalist Believes That Weed Makes People Better Athletes

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In 1998, Ross Rebagliati was the first snowboarder to take home an Olympic gold medal during the Nagano Games. And then he wasn’t. And then he was. Shortly after his big win in giant slalom, his blood tested positive for traces of THC and an immediate backlash stripped him of his medal. Rebagliati claimed the traces were from second-hand smoke, … Read More

Someone Tell Sessions Weed Will Create 250,000 Jobs By 2020

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A recent report from New Frontier Data, a Washington DC-based consulting firm, suggests that the marijuana industry could be the country’s second-largest job creator by 2020. The report finds that by 2020 the marijuana industry will create a quarter of a million jobs in the states that have some form of legal framework. That increase in the workforce is more … Read More

Suståne Natural Fertilizer is Growing Around the World, Naturally

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<![CDATA[ CANNON FALLS, MN — OCTOBER, 2017 — Suståne Natural Fertilizer, Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer-exporter of organic and natural base slow-release nitrogen fertilizers, recently held its annual global sales meeting. The conference brought together executive management, research, and development, customer support and marketing, as well as the sales team from around the world, to the corporate headquarters in Cannon … Read More

Solis Tek Introduces Controller to Enable Commercial Growers to Control Lighting Environment

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<![CDATA[ Carson, CA – October 17, 2017 – Solis Tek (OTCQB: SLTK), a vertically integrated technology innovator, developer, manufacturer and distributor focused on bringing products and solutions to commercial cannabis growers in legal markets across the U.S., announced today the availability of its lighting controller, which enables commercial growers to harness more control of their garden’s lighting environment. “For nearly … Read More

These Badass Mothers Are Resisting The DEA By Starting A Suburban CBD Oil Revolution

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Last year, through a sneaky bureaucratic maneuver, the DEA took steps to deny medical cannabis patients critical access to CBD oil, despite research that shows promising therapeutic affects for a myriad of different afflictions.  Even while medical cannabis gains scientific legitimacy, it still faces political scrutiny.  Many medical marijuana patients turn to CBD oil as an alternative to smoking. Wendy Lockman from Atlanta did … Read More

Marijuana Research in Canada Is Thriving With Support From Commercial Growers

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The budding marijuana industry is spurring new research around cannabis that will have long-term effects on a variety of fields, from farming to new medicine, as companies look for solid scientific data on the substance. With the looming legalization of recreational pot next summer, and the expansion of licensed medical marijuana producers, scientists at the University of Guelph say more … Read More

No ID Card, No Medicine for Thousands of Florida Medical Marijuana Patients

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<![CDATA[ TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) — Thousands of medical marijuana patients are caught in a catch 22; they have been recommended for treatment, but they can’t start receiving medication until they get an ID card from the state, which has been delayed because of short staffing. Lauren Drake’s parents, both in their 70’s, have been recommended for medical marijuana. Drake says … Read More

Maryland Medical Marijuana Case Moves Forward After Requests for Resolution

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<![CDATA[ A medical marijuana company’s lawsuit that claims regulators illegally rejected its grower’s license application will move forward after a judge denied motions to resolve the case. Court records show Baltimore City Circuit Judge Barry G. Williams on Wednesday denied a motion by medical marijuana businesses including Green Thumb Industries, also known as GTI Maryland. GTI sought a license to … Read More