Island Sweet Skunk: The Sativa That Gives A Perfect Workday Boost

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The Island Sweet Skunk strain is a tropical sativa delight. Friendly yet strong, this flower provides a relaxed daytime experience. Many consumers pick up this bud for improved focus, mental energy, and perhaps even as an alternative to a morning cup of coffee. While this flower can cause paranoia in large doses, Island Sweet Skunk provides a chill and lucid … Read More

10 Faces You’ve Definitely Made If You’ve Ever Smoked Weed

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Have you ever noticed yourself making a funny face while you toke? If so, then trust and believe that you aren’t the only one. In fact, there are tons of different faces that people make when they’re high. Faces that you’ve probably made from time to time as well. From your surroundings to the potency of your pot, there are so … Read More

Fentanyl-Laced Weed Is Now Being Blamed For Current Opioid Epidemic

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In the latest scare tactic, U.S. Senator Rob Portman and the coroner of Hamilton County, Ohio Lakshmi Sammarco sent out a dire warning on Monday; cannabis is being laced with fentanyl. In a press conference to address the raging opioid crisis in Ohio, the two placed much of the blame on fentanyl-laced weed. The problem? There’s absolutely no evidence to … Read More

10 Old School Music Videos To Watch When You’re Super High

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Remember MTV? That’s before Jersey Shore and The Hills, back when the channel was, you know, music television. It was how the country was introduced to new artists and their latest music videos. These days, most people get their fix of the latest music videos online, which means you may have missed some of these. If so, you can now … Read More

10 Moments Of Nostalgia If You Had McDonald’s In The 80’s-90’s

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With the Golden Arches being as American as apple pie, which you could also buy from the fast food restaurant, there is no doubt that people of a certain age will remember these memories of McDonald’s. 1. Bad hombres lurk at McDonald’s Photo credit No matter what people say, it was fun to hang and swing with that burger-coveting Hamburglar. 2. … Read More

Rihanna’s New “So Stoned” Shoe Collection For Manolo Blahnik Is Lit

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Who is the prettiest, most talented pothead on the planet? That would be Rihanna, of course. And if you’re a fan of RiRi’s, then you’ve likely watched her in Billboard’s number one trending video “Wild Thoughts” at least a dozen times. But did you catch a glimpse of her sexy gladiator stilettos? It turns out that those are just one … Read More

5 Confessions From Cops Who Support Cannabis Legalization

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The thin blue line will always make people who are connoisseurs of cannabis wary of authorities. But while most cops will arrest you for possessing even just a small amount or even a cannabis-infused snack, there are some that favor policy reform. In fact, a growing number of cops are part of Marijuana Majority and members of Law Enforcement Against … Read More