Confusion over marijuana legislation may lead to special session

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The State Department of Health sent a cease and desist order to the owners of the North Florida based Trulieve, one of seven licensed marijuana growers in the state.

The letter demands they stop selling their “Entourage” product, which contains smokable marijuana in a mesh container. The leaf product is sold for use in vaporizers, which are legal under current law, but can be removed and smoked.

Confusion over what voters approved and current law has some saying lawmakers need to head back to the Capitol for a special session.

The Medical Marijuana Business Association says if legislators had passed guidelines for marijuana this session there would be less confusion for growers and the public.

“This should only substantiate the need for clarity and the need for substantial regulatory framework,” says Taylor Biehl.

Legislation to implement the voter-approved constitutional amendment fell apart when lawmakers disagreed on capping the number of retail marijuana dispensaries.

Representative Kionne McGhee says it’s the Legislature’s responsibility to do something.

“We need to listen to the people. 71% of the folks have basically gone out and said they want this medical marijuana issue to be dealt with this year and I expect our legislature to do the same.”

The House Speaker says he favors coming back for a special session, but the Senate President has sent mixed messages.

If lawmakers don’t come back, the association says there’s a good possibility grey areas in the current law would result in even more cases like Trulieve improperly dispensing marijuana.

“We will be left with questions unanswered and potentially more wrongful practices in distribution,” says Biehl.

When it comes to calling a special session, Governor Rick Scott says he’s considering his options.

If lawmakers don’t return, the Department of Health will have to present their regulations by July 3rd.

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