Florida Attorney and MMJ Campaign Financier Eyeing Industry Investment Opportunities

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Orlando, Florida attorney John Morgan was one of the major financial backers of the two statewide ballot initiatives to expand the state’s medical cannabis regime, and in an interview with the Miami Herald, he indicated plans to invest up to $100 million into “the right opportunities” in the cannabis space.

“I am prepared to invest significant monies in this industry and I plan to,” he said in the report. “I have learned a great deal about the miracles of marijuana over the last five years. And what better person than me to be involved?”

In the interview, Morgan expressed interest in owning a stake in a state-licensed dispensary and is considering options put forth by companies interested in working with him. Specifically, Morgan said he has been approached by Chestnut Hill Tree Farm, a licensed operator in Florida, whose assets are currently for sale to a Canadian cannabis firm – but that deal is mired in a lawsuit among the company’s investors.

“Chestnut Hill is one of them and continues to be on my radar,” Morgan said. “I would be interested [in] investing if the valuation is one I think fair. And if it becomes available. Time will tell.”

Morgan has also expressed interest in making a run for the governor’s office but, at the moment, is content to “watch and wait” to see how the Democratic field plays out.

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