How To Make A Chocolate Bunny Bong

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cbb How To Make A Chocolate Bunny Bong

What’s the number one candy to give to someone for Easter? The chocolate bunny, of course. You know, the big one that somehow always ends up on the top of your fridge. The one you never eat but will let sit around the houseĀ for months until you finally decide to toss it. Yeah, well, it’s time to put that leftover Easter candy to good use. How so? By turning it into a bong. Be sure to check out the video below to learn how to make a chocolate bunny bong that not only rips like a champ but is also edible.

How to make a chocolate bunny bong

Using a chocolate bunny as a bong may only work for a short while. But it is super easy and fun to make. And unlike most bongs, you can bite into this one.

First, you’re going to need the essentials: a chocolate bunny, weed, a bowl piece, a knife, and a screwdriver. Once you have all that, grab the screwdriver and begin carving a hole into the bunny for your bowl piece to go. Right below the head is a good spot.

Then, take the bowl piece and secure it into the hole. After, use the screwdriver to carve another hole where you’ll be taking your rips. Or, just take a big bite. You know you want to.

Finally, pour in some water, pack the bowl, light it up, and enjoy those chocolatey tokes! Getting high with a bong has never been sweeter.

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