License Renewal Clinic Coming to Southern Oregon

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The Oregon Liquor Control Commission will hold Recreational Marijuana Program license renewal clinics in Southern Oregon to help current licensees complete the license renewal process, according to an emailed press release.

The clinics will be held in Medford on Tuesday, Oct. 24 through Friday, Oct. 27, 2017. If staff resources are available, additional clinics may be held in other locations around the state.

The clinic is open to all licensees. One ticket is required for each license renewal. If you have more than one license to renew, you need to register for a separate ticket at a different time for each license renewal.

What’s Required:

• A Business Entity Questionnaire and completed and signed Individual Histories for all members and their spouses in the entity to be licensed

• Current Boundary Sketch

Renewal Application Packet

• Current Premises Floor Plan (with cameras labeled and numbered)

What Might Be Required:

• Premises access documents (lease, deed) only if there has been a change to it since the previous licensing (examples: change to the lease terms; listed individuals no longer involved with the business)

New Land Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS) only if requesting a larger canopy (example: from Tier 1 to Tier 2) or a change in canopy designation (example: currently approved for indoor but want to switch to mixed)

Appointments are scheduled for every 30 minutes; expect to take a minimum of two hours to complete the process.

Form of payment for license renewal: cash, card (debit or credit; no pre-paid credit cards), or check; however, if you pay with a check, there will be a three week delay in issuing the license.

Register for the clinics here.

Source: Cannabis Business Times

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