Maine State Legislature to Vote Today on Recreational Marijuana

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AUGUSTA (WGME)– The Maine state legislature is set to vote on two different proposals Monday that will decide the timeline for purchasing recreational marijuana.

The Maine Joint Select Committee on Marijuana Legalization implementation, or MLI, has been working on a bill to regulate marijuana infrastructure for months. A supporter of the bill, David Boyer of the Marijuana Policy Project said the bill is “the next step to getting this implementation going and starting the rules and regulations and getting it so that people can apply and license businesses rather than having Marijuana sold on Craigslist and in parking lots.”

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Boyer also told CBS 13 he believes the bill is what’s best for people who supported recreational marijuana legalization, and those who didn’t. “If you didn’t vote for Question 1, if you don’t like marijuana, then you should support this marijuana bill because it has regulations that you’d probably support more than the alternative,” said Boyer.

The MLI bill includes regulations such as school buffer zones and packaging restrictions on edibles to prevent minors from ingesting.

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Source: Cannabis Business Times

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