Medical Cannabis Summit – The Science. The Truth.

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Dear Friends and Family

We are getting closer to the 2017 Utah Legislative Session and once again, this year, Utah is asking lawmakers to create and pass laws for patient access to medical cannabis. Over the past few months we’re blessed to have began working with United Patients Group. Together, we are diligently working to bring science and education of the sacred plant to the key decision makers and the people of Utah.

We have some amazing Utah Lawmakers who are committed to doing their best in creating laws. They are just like you and me. They are parents, grandparents, concerned citizens, and most of all passionate and committed about their decision-making, knowing it will have life-long impact on each of us. I fully support and respect their leadership and understand the difficult decisions they are faced with.

Our goal for this newly-founded association is to bring passionate leadership, and collaboration in our approach. We have developed a team of respectful, thoughtful, creators of change. This team has come together to present “MEDICAL CANNABIS. THE SCIENCE. THE TRUTH. PART II”. Utah is very blessed to once again host Dr. Bonnie Goldstein who will address science and her experience treating patients with some of todays toughest health challenges.

I / we are asking for your assistance to:

  • Share this invitation with your email list and post on your Facebook
  • Join us at the November 15 event
  • Let us know if you would like to be kept informed of our progress

Thank you for your support and caring. It means the world to our team. It means the world to so many Utah patients who deserve this bill.

In Gratitude.

Juanita Ramos Corum – CoFounder

University of Utah Student Union Building, November 15, 2017 6:00-9:00pm

University of Utah Student Union Building, November 15, 2017 6:00-9:00pm

One Comment on “Medical Cannabis Summit – The Science. The Truth.”

  1. The November 15, 2916 at the U of U was enlightening and, for me especially, uplifting, in knowing that there are good people doing good things in a world in need of healing! Thank you all for your selfless giving!

    Don Stewart

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