Minnesota: Medical Marijuana in Numbers

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1: 3,421

The total number of patients who visited cannabis centre’s in Minnesota and purchased legal medical marijuana products in March 2017. (Source: Minnesota Department of Health)

2: 1,588

The number of patients who had enrolled in Minnesota’s medical marijuana program, as of June 30th 2016. (Source: Minnesota Department of Health)

3: 6,995

In August 2016, intractable pain was added to the list of qualifying conditions. Since this was added, the number of approved patient enrollment in Minnesota’s medical marijuana program has climbed a staggering 340.49% to 6,995. (Source: Minnesota Department of Health)

4: 871

Number of health care practitioners that are registered and authorized to certify patients, as of May 5th 2017. (Source: Minnesota Department of Health)

5: 609

Number of patient caregivers who have received their background checks and are approved in the registry, as of May 5th 2017. (Source: Minnesota Department of Health)

6: 15%

The total percentage of Minnesota medical cannabis patients who are living with cancer or a terminal illness, as of April 12th 2017. (Source: Minnesota Department of Health)

7: 49.8

The average age of registered medical marijuana patients in Minnesota, as of April 12th 2017. (Source: Minnesota Department of Health)

8: $2.3 billion

Projected total state tax revenue generated from marijuana sales by the year 2020. Of that total, $1.8 billion is from the cannabis-specific tax. (Source: New Frontier Data)

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