More medical marijuana could help cut down on narcotics

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Legalizing medical marijuana is controversial. Physicians have not always prescribed controlled substances wisely, as a look at our narcotic epidemic confirms. But marijuana is much safer than narcotics and, according to a recent study, might even save us money, by reducing people’s need for other, often more expensive medications.

Most notably, marijuana can be an effective part of comprehensive pain management. Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain, caused by a wide range of disorders — inflammatory arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome and metastatic cancer, to name a few. Many medications that are used to manage such pain are expensive and carry substantial risk of substantial side effects. Marijuana can help alleviate pain, thereby reducing the need for those other medications.

The number of pain medications, in particular, is substantially reduced:

No doubt, some physicians over-prescribe marijuana. But many physicians over-prescribe narcotics, too, as well as seizure medications used to treat pain and sleep medications used to address insomnia. We need to train physicians to prescribe marijuana responsibility and monitor their prescribing patterns to identify suspicious activities.

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