Ohio MMJ Possession Rules Focus on THC Content, Not Weight

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Buying medical marijuana in Ohio will require a knowledge of THC content, not just how many ounces of plant material or edibles are on the scale.

Proposed rules outlined Thursday by the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy would make Ohio the only state to determine how much medical marijuana can be purchased based on the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol — the active chemical ingredient that produces a high — it contains.

For example, people with qualifying medical conditions could buy 4 ounces to 6 ounces of marijuana plant material, but varying amounts of marijuana-infused oils, patches and edibles based on THC content, under the proposed rules for a 90-day supply of medical marijuana.

At the same time, Ohio officials are pondering whether the state program, which isn’t operational until next year, will be impacted by the Trump White House, warning that there will be greater federal enforcement of recreational marijuana programs. No details have been released.

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Source: Cannabis Business Times

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