Ontario's Cannabis Law Should Spell the End for 'Dispensaries,' Premier Warns

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Ontario’s forthcoming cannabis legislation should spell the end of the illegal marijuana “dispensaries” that are still operating, warns Premier Kathleen Wynne.

Attorney General Yasir Naqvi will table a bill on Wednesday that will outline the provincial rules surrounding recreational marijuana when the federal government legalizes cannabis in next July 1.

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The premier said Monday there would be no surprises in the new law, which will restrict cannabis consumption to those 19 and older and confine its use to private homes.

“It will lay out more details around essentially the framework that we have talked about, and, you know, as we said, the (retail) entity will be a subsidiary of the LCBO,” she told reporters.

“We will have more clarity then about exactly what we have to implement going forward.”

Wynne said she hoped that, once the legislation is passed, it would eliminate any ambiguity about the storefront marijuana shops operating around the province.

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Source: Cannabis Business Times

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