Organic Cannabis Association applauds WSDA and State of Washington

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The Organic Cannabis Association, dedicated to rigorous cultivation standards for the legal cannabis industry, today commended the State of Washington for taking the first step to provide an organic certification for the state’s marijuana cultivators. 

Founding board member Ben Gelt, long involved in advocating for and developing standards for the cannabis industry noted: “The State of Washington has truly taken a leadership role by recognizing the importance of transparency and consumer protection in the cannabis industry. We firmly believe this is the first of many states to come, and serves to highlight the relevance of OCA’s mission. We look forward to working with states like Washington to develop a coherent standard for the industry as a whole and to be advocates state-by-state to ensure that both consumers and the industry have the opportunity to be transparent and meet market demands.”

Please save the date for the Second Cannabis Sustainability Symposium, presented by the Organic Cannabis Association in partnership with the City of Denver Department of Environmental Health, to be held Oct. 17-18. For more information, visit

About The Organic Cannabis Association (OCA): The Organic Cannabis Association is a 501(C)6 based in Denver, Colo., and dedicated to developing and implementing rigorous organic standards for the legal cultivation of cannabis, promoting quality industry professionals and educating the public. For more information on the organization, its events and programming, please visit Follow us on Facebook.

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