Pittsburgh City Council takes first steps for medical marijuana permitting process

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The city of Pittsburgh has begun the process of setting up a permitting and zoning process for medical marijuana facilities.

Currently, three dispensaries are set to open in January. All three got special waivers from the Planning and Zoning Board to apply, and were granted permission by Pennsylvania to operate.

Councilman Corey O’Connor introduced a bill that would codify the process by which medical marijuana dispensaries, and eventually possibly growers and processors, could operate.

O’Connor says Pittsburgh has a process set up for methodone clinics, but not marijuana.

“You have to have public hearings. The zoning board has to approve it. We have to hold some meetings down here at council, so it’s not going to happen here overnight. It’s going to be a couple month process, but we wanted to start this because these facilities have to open in January,” O’Connor said.

Public hearings about the process are set to begin in the next few weeks.

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