How To Make Cannabis Fried Cap’n Crunch Chicken Tenders

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These cannabis-infused crunch chicken tenders are very much an adults-only snack, thanks to the inclusion of MagicalButter. Cannabis Fried Cap’n Crunch Chicken Tenders Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: About 15 minutes Serving size: 2-3 pieces Yield: About 8 servings Ingredients 1 cup MagicalButter 1lb chicken tenders 3 cups captain crunch ½ cup flour 2 eggs How-to In a mixing bowl start … Read More

Charges Dropped Against DCMJ Activists

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On 4/20 this year, a group of well-known cannabis activists, DCMJ, decided to celebrate the holiday with a giveaway of over a thousand joints. Unfortunately, those efforts only lasted about an hour before the event was entirely shut down by Capitol Police – who decided to make 8 arrests. While all 8 of those arrested spent the night in jail, … Read More

Michigan Board of Canvassers Gives Go Ahead to Recreational Cannabis Legalization Petition

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<![CDATA[ The Board of State Canvassers gave approval Thursday to a new proposed ballot effort to amend the state constitution to fully legalize recreational use of marijuana without taxing the drug. The proposal from Abrogate Prohibition Michigan of Midland would nullify all laws prohibiting or regulating the use of marijuana and impose no fines, taxes or penalties on its use. … Read More

Nevada Judge Denies Industry Injunction Request

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<![CDATA[ Carson City District Judge James Todd Russell on Thursday denied a preliminary injunction sought by liquor distributors to stop the Nevada Tax Department from letting marijuana licensees get into the business of transporting pot from growers to retailers. Russell said liquor wholesalers have appeal rights to the Tax Commission on the decision last week by Tax Department Director Deonne … Read More

Bi-Partisan Coalition Launched to Urge the President to Keep His 2016 Pledge to Support the States' Right to Legalize Medical Marijuana

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<![CDATA[New York – Roger Stone, longtime political advisor to President Donald J. Trump and subject of the hit Netflix documentary “Get Me Roger Stone” and Orlando Trial Attorney and potential Democratic candidate for Governor of Florida John Morgan today unveiled the United States Cannabis Coalition, a bi-partisan, pro-cannabis non-profit project dedicated to persuading federal decision makers — including the president … Read More

Maryland Marijuana Growers That Missed Monday's Approval Deadline Could Get Second Chance

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<![CDATA[ Six of 15 pre-approved medical marijuana growers missed Monday’s deadline to receive approval for a full license to operate in Maryland. But the state might give those companies a second chance. STATE BY STATE: Maryland Cannabis News The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission awarded pre-approval to 15 grower and 15 processor businesses in August last year. Those companies had a … Read More

Indiana Lawmaker Plans to Introduce Medical Marijuana Bill

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<![CDATA[ A Republican lawmaker plans to introduce a bill during the upcoming legislative session that would legalize medical marijuana. Rep. Jim Lucas of Seymour said he is still working out the details, but has “every intention of introducing a bill that legalizes medical marijuana.” STATE BY STATE: Indiana Cannabis News “I can’t comprehend how we can deny people something that … Read More

Jamaican Authorities Deny Claims of Deal with Cayman Islands

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<![CDATA[ Both the Ministry of Health and the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) on August 17 denied any approval was given for sale of cannabis oil medication from the Cayman Islands. The denial was triggered by reports in the Cayman news media that Jamaica’s Government-owned Hope Institute was close to making a deal with a Cayman-owned cannabis company, Lion’s Garden, to … Read More