Richmond, B.C., City Council Unanimous in Its Opposition to Cannabis Legalization

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While some municipalities in British Columbia are hoping to benefit from the legalization of cannabis that takes effect in July 2018, the City of Richmond is taking the opposite approach. 

It’s the largest city in the province without a marijuana dispensary in operation. Mayor Malcolm Brodie has labelled Vancouver’s regulatory approach to the issue, which includes 41 legal permits for marijuana-related businesses, as “complacent.”

And Monday night, city council voted unanimously to send a letter to the provincial and federal governments outlining their opposition to legalization.

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They’re also asking for widespread jurisdiction in regulating cannabis in the city should it become legalized, including being able to impose stricter rules, and the ability of strata councils and landlords to bar use in their buildings.

“We want the federal government to be aware of our position on the matter, but we’re really looking for regulation on the provincial level,” said Brodie after the motion passed.

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Source: Cannabis Business Times

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