Tall Trees LED company builds on cannabis focus, mobilizes to equip the controlled environment agriculture industry

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Tall Trees LED Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Light Engine Design Corp (OTC PINK: TLED), is an industry pioneer specializing in the design of advanced light engines and fixtures for frequency-specific biological lighting industries.

The Company is pleased to announce that it has achieved a breakthrough in spectrum design that is increasing crop yields and product quality in the indoor cultivation of legal cannabis and food products.

This is significant given the importance of generating large amounts of high-quality food using environmentally sustainable practices.

The CEA and greenhouse markets are expected to expand significantly in conjunction with novel revolutionary advancements in lighting technology. “In an effort to serve an exponentially growing marketplace, we have diligently strategized to bring to market one of the most advanced indoor growth lighting systems available, thus bringing heightened efficiency and improved profitability to the legally growing cannabis industry, a market experiencing robust growth.

Our technologies also have tremendous application in the food industry, which we believe will continue to experience strengthened demand, congruent to population growth.” said Robert Manes, Tall Trees’ Chief Executive Officer.

At this time, the LED lighting sector is an intricate key to all indoor agricultural environments, particularly legal cannabis. U.S. legal retail cannabis sales were projected to rise more than five times between 2014 and 2018, from an estimated $2.2-$2.6 billion in 2014 to $7.4-8.2 billion in 2018, according to an article published by Marijuana Business Daily.

Tall Trees LED Company also announced the achievement of its client’s recent 1st and 2nd placement among Arizona’s 2017 ERRL Cup winners for the quality of their cannabis flower.

A Tall Trees’ licensed and registered grower achieved the results using lighting produced and currently available through the Company’s retail and wholesale sales channels. Third-party test results were provided by C4 Laboratories, a well-respected Phoenix-based cannabis testing facility.

C4 representatives commented that the THC levels ( > 32% total cannabinoids) that were detected were the 3rd highest to have been observed to date; the highest produced by solid-state lighting. To view test results in their entirety, visit: http://theerrlcup.com/cannabis-event-results/ and http://theerrlcup.com/errl-cup-winners-2017/. The Tall Trees’ grower goes by the moniker “Maxx Trees.”

According to a study published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, providing sufficient quantity and quality of food for nine billion people, as predicted by 2050, is proving to be especially challenging.

Controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) technologies, including greenhouse, hydroponics, aquacultures and aeroponic systems, as well as the vertical farming possibilities, provide alternative and complementary sources for crop production, particularly in areas with limited daylight (in northern latitudes), adverse environmental conditions (droughts, floods, storms and saline soils), or in areas with limited space.

Until recently, light output in relation to power input (efficacy) in LED lighting has been insufficient to grow premium quality plants. Furthermore, the frequencies of light required for adequate nutrient delivery and control of a plant’s other biological functions have previously been a major oversight in the LED lighting industry.

However, the Tall Trees LED Company has responded to these inefficiencies in the cannabis sector. Tall Trees’ CEO, Robert Manes states, “there are many compelling scientific and peer-reviewed articles beginning to define the benefits of spectrum (frequency) control for food production, and we intend to extend this research and development to control yield, aroma, flavor, and a multitude of targeted medicinal qualities in cannabis.”

Tall Trees’ horticultural products follow strict internal guidelines for Coverage, Color (spectrum) and Photon Density (CCPD). The Company’s fixtures are designed to cover industry-standard grow trays, provide spectrum that emulates natural sunlight, (which is the best overall grow light) and delivers the photon demand required to satisfy all of a plant’s photobiological needs.

Tall Trees’ technology utilizes the latest research in photobiology to tailor lighting output for optimum growth, aesthetics, chemical and nutritional content.

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