Tennessee Ad Hoc Committee on Medical Cannabis Gives Insight Into New Legislation

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NASHVILLE, Tenn.–The Tennessee Joint Ad Hoc Committee on Medical Cannabis met on Thursday to continue the debate on legislation surrounding medical cannabis.

Rep. Jeremy Faison, Co-Chairman of the committee, laid out changes to the proposed legislation he and others on the committee plan to file. While Faison says it will be among the “strictest medical cannabis bills in America, but that’s fine with me because I want the people who need it most to have it.”

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Citing FBI data, Fasion said Tennessee in the Top 5 states in the nation for growing marijuana. Faison says the bill would allow the state to capitalize on what is already here.

Rep. Faison says the legislation would form a commission to be appointed by Governor Bill Haslam and others. This committee would be charged with handling the “ins and outs” of cannabis oil use.

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Source: Cannabis Business Times

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