Time for feds to take a stand on marijuana, one way or the other

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It’s years, not days, weeks or even months, now since marijuana has been legal in some places, but not in others.

And to further compound matters, the extent to which marijuana is legal even varies in the state’s where reform has passed.

Yet marijuana — even medical marijuana — still remains illegal in one very important place: Under the federal Controlled Substances Act.

Without taking a stance on what way Congress and the Trump administration should go on this issue, it is important for the federal government to give the states clear guidance.

In other words, national lawmakers and the president should either come out in favor of legalization of marijuana across the board, or say it’s going to remain illegal and tell U.S. attorneys to start enforcing the statute.

The latter may sound draconian in states where the most dramatic reforms have passed. After all, quite the cottage industries involving marijuana have proliferated in those places, as was forecast.

On the other hand, state lawmakers and governors had to know that the possibility always existed that Congress, the president and the Justice Department could decide to shut down the burgeoning pro marijuana movement.

Others undoubtedly believe marijuana never should have been legalized anywhere. While understanding their point, the rub is that Americans shouldn’t be penalized for marijuana crimes in some states while not in others, especially not when it comes to something as important as drug enforcement.

If the country as a whole believes it’s time to legalize marijuana, then it should happen unilaterally rather than in piecemeal fashion.

All the talk about the historic Waldo Hotel in Clarksburg has either been about tearing it down or about remodeling it.

Here’s a different take: How about tearing it down and rebuilding a replica that represents what the hotel was when it was at the height of its heyday?

Hard to think the old hotel can be renovated up to modern standards for fire safety, internet usage and plumbing to make the modern traveler happy. If it could be, great. Maybe the new state law for historic tax credits will make a difference.

But starting from scratch — if there was a way to eventually make money off the deal — might more efficiently give the best of history while also providing what 21st-century Americans have come to expect.

Just a thought.

And FYI, this concept has worked elsewhere.

A lot of the talk about conflict with North Korea revolves around nuclear weapons.

But what’s probably just as likely — or maybe even more so — is another conventional war on the Korea peninsula.

If that happens, the United States and its allies will have the same problems they had back in the Korean War. That is, it would be critical to maintain a foothold in South Korea until enough troops could arrive to go on the offensive.

North Korea has land borders with two countries, China and Russia. Neither one is going to invite U.S. military forces in to set up bases and supply lines from which to attack North Korea.

Any conventional war with North Korea also would have to be fought with the same kind of care as back in the 1950s, to avoid setting off a conflict with China, Russia or both.

Think of it this way: If Canada or Mexico ever got a crazy leader who was threatening China or Russia, that still doesn’t mean we’d want Chinese or Russian troops in the United States or even close to our soil. In the back of our minds, we’d be thinking it was a prelude to an invasion by the Chinese or Russians, even if there wasn’t any truth to that.

Soon, it will be time to change our clocks again as part of daylight saving time.

It’s too bad we keep wasting our time — pun intended — with this idea.

It’s hard on the system to change clocks; better to just keep the time on the same standard year round and not mess with it.

It’s especially tough in a place like West Virginia, where it gets dark early anyway in the winter. The evenings now will be even more bleak.

Of course, all this complaining and a quarter (OK, maybe $1.50) will get me a coffee!

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