Trump Tuesday: Donald Trump has played golf every four days of his presidency

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Donald Trump has reportedly played golf on one of every four days of his presidency, prompting fresh accusations the President is taking too much time off.

It came after it emerged Mr Trump chose to stay at one of his golf resorts rather than attend a benefits concert for communities affected by Hurricanes Maria, Irma and Harvey.

Barack Obama, George W Bush, Bill Clinton, George HW Bush and Jimmy Carter appeared on stage together at the event promoting “The One America Appeal”. 

The current President spent much of the weekend at his golf course in Virginia and recorded a video message that was played to the concert audience in Texas.

It was reportedly his 75th appearance on the grounds of one of his golf courses since he entered the White House in January.

Mr Trump has been US President for 275 days, meaning that hehas played golf every 3.7 days on average.

American actor Chris Evans, who is a regular critic of Mr Trump, said in a  Twitter post: “He’s played golf roughly once every 4 days of his presidency.

“Think about that. It’s insane. I even rounded the [numbers] in his favour.”

Mr Trump repeatedly criticised Barack Obama for taking too much time off work, but has himself come under fire for spending time playing golf.

It was reported in the summer that  Mr Trump had taken more than three times as many holiday days as his predecessor.

The US Secret Service has reportedly spent at least $137,505 (£105,178) renting golf carts to protect the President at his private clubs.

According to federal purchase orders obtained by American Bridge, a political action committee that campaigns against the country’s Republican leadership, the sum includes a $61,960 (£47,374) contract to rent golf carts at the Trump International Golf Club in Florida.

The contract runs from 29 September until 38 May 2018 and is reportedly the largest payment for the vehicles so far.

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