Trump Tuesday: The Simpsons Ghost of Nixon Thanks Donald Trump in Comedy Short 'Now I'm Now the 44th Best President'

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‘I have just one piece of advice; if you have tapes, burn them.’

Since Donald Trump became President, The Simpsons has continuously bashed the Republican via numerous online shorts. 

The show’s take on Trump’s first 100 days saw press secretary Sean Spicer hanging himself in the conference roo, with Kellyanne Conway commenting: “I am not replacing him.”

Now, The Simpsons has taken a look at 125 days into Trump’s presidency, the short beginning with Steve Bannon, Conway, and Jared Kushner all dead in the Press Briefing Room.

We then zoom up the stairs to Vice President Pence, who’s removing the ‘Vice’ from his nameplate. 

Eventually, we see Trump, lying in bed, talking with James Comey, the former head of the FBI who was recently fired.

“I want to speak with Jim alone,” Trump says, a Golum-like Jeff Sessions hurriedly exiting the bedroom through a hole. 

After talking about the ‘tapes’ with Comey, the ghost of Richard Nixon appears, the 37th President – who resigned following the Watergate scandal – offering some advice. 

“I came to thank you, Donald. I’m moving up. Thanks to you, I’m now the 44th best President,” Nixon says. “I have just one piece of advice; if you have tapes, burn them.”

The clip concludes with a voice-over saying: “Paid for by the committee to turn the clocks ahead to 2020, or back to whenever. Just not here.”

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