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Cultivators must keep a close eye on every aspect of their businesses to catch any problems early. Plant health, staffing, finances, marketing, state and local regulation compliance combine in a flurry of potential issues and pitfalls.

Add to that managing a growing business in an industry that keeps expanding to other states, and you have the makings of something that will keep awake even the most seasoned cultivator.

Cannabis Business Times wants to help you with all those issues. While our website and magazine help you managed your business, our Interactive Marijuana Legislative Map can help you keep tabs on what’s going on in other states.

Launched in October 2016 as a lead up to the November election, when nine states were voting on cannabis-related ballot measures, the interactive tool has been kept updated to keep cultivators aware of the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

One of those latest changes was in Indiana, were officials voted on and passed a bill legalizing CBD products. While this might not appear to be a huge breakthrough, it was the last state east of the Mississippi river to legalize at least some form of cannabis after West Virginia legalized a full-medical program on April 19.

Today, only four states have no medical cannabis program in their laws: Idaho, South Dakota, Kansas and Nebraska. And while the former decriminalized the possession of small amounts of cannabis, the first three are still jailing people for cannabis possession.

While much progress has been made since the start of this experiment in 1996, much more lies ahead, and Cannabis Business Times is honored to be helping cultivators every step of the way.

So check back in with this tool regularly to quickly keep track of what other states are doing to help make projections about your own business, or to see if a new expansion opportunity is on the horizon.

Teal: Pending legislative changes

Green: Fully legalized

Yellow: Medical only

Purple: CBD only

Blue: Decriminalized without a legal program

Red: No legal program


Source: Cannabis Business Times

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