Vacaville, Calif., Extends Moratorium on Cannabis Business, Outdoor Cultivation

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The Vacaville City Council approved Tuesday extending an Interim Urgency Ordinance on cannabis, while city legal staff continue to hash out what uses, other than growing plants for personal use, could be allowed in the city.

The council adopted the ordinance Sept. 26 and the initial 45-day period will expire Nov. 10.

The extension may not exceed an additional 22 months and 15 days, so the total effective term will be two years.

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The moratorium prohibits all commercial, industrial and retail cannabis land uses as well as all outdoor cannabis cultivation. Under California law, the city cannot prohibit personal cultivation, but can regulate it.

City staff have been following recently enacted and proposed state regulations, reading cases in other jurisdictions in California and other states and attending workshops, conferences and presentations on the topic, Assistant City Attorney David Nam said.

The moratorium gives the city time to study up and address any gaps between state and local regulations.

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Source: Cannabis Business Times

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