VICELAND Sent A Spliff Into Space For The Ultimate High

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vicepspace VICELAND Sent A Spliff Into Space For The Ultimate High

There’s getting high and then there’s getting even higher, as VICELAND has shown, by spending a spliff into space.

VICELAND’s ultimate high

While there are plenty of ways of getting high on Earth, VICELAND took it to the next level – that’s 20 miles, no less – and sent a spliff to space.

Well, it was almost to space.

To celebrate the “Week of Weed” – the week of programming dedicated to cannabis and its culture that coincides with 420 – the team from VICELAND launched a high-altitude weather balloon into “space” that was carrying a spliff, before it reached peak altitude and started its rapid descent back to terra firma.

Kinda live

The launch took place in the Nevada Desert, where recreational weed is legal for locals, and due to be legal for tourists from July 1st, which is the first legality sorted.

A high-altitude weather balloon was launched with a spliff attached in front of a camera that was thought to have broadcast a live feed back to Earth. The said live feed of the balloon, which traveled to the final height of 20 miles, went for two-and-a-half-hours before it ended and headed back down, landing over 90 miles from where it was launched, after touching down at almost 200 miles per hour.

However, the spliff never actually reached outer space (as it was still a long way from reaching such an altitude). The “live” feed was actually prerecorded, as confirmed by a VICELAND spokesperson.

The progress was monitored and recorded by the onboard camera and “black box” which picked up the key data, including altitude and speeds. Regardless of that, it was definitely a great event to kick off the week of 420 celebrations.

It was also confirmed that no spliff had ever previously reached such heights, nor descended back to Earth as quickly.

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