Want To Pass California’s Pesticide Laws? You Need PathogenZero

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path1 Want To Pass Californias Pesticide Laws? You Need PathogenZero

With the enaction of California’s new recreational cannabis bill, Proposition 64, comes a boat-load of new regulations for the cannabis industry. One crucial and much-awaited part of those new regulations is quality assurance testing. A recent release from Steep Hill Labs has found that 84% of Bay Area medical cannabis contains unsafe levels of residual pesticide. Obviously, this is a huge problem. If you’re hoping to pass California’s new pesticide laws, here’s why you need PathogenZERO.

California’s cannabis is under scrutiny

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Californian cannabis crops have been under scrutiny for containing potentially harmful levels of pesticides and other contaminates. Steep Hill Labs reported that Berkeley-area cannabis samples tested positive for a powerful toxic fungicide that has been banished by other industries, including the tobacco industry.

The fungicide is Myclobutanil, and it’s sold under the brand Eagle 20. If this substance is smoked or heated, it transforms into a more toxic compound called hydrogen cyanide. Hydrogen cyanide also happens to be an agent of chemical warfare, as it makes hazardous cyanide gas.

For real, smoking or heating pesticides can cause all sorts of reactions that you might not expect. This can put a serious damper on a consumer’s cannabis experience and put their health at risk. Plus, using chemical pesticides means putting in more effort to pass contaminant laws.

Fortunately, safer, more effective alternatives exist. There really isn’t any need to utilize potential hazardous products in your grow room. Preventing contamination is as simple as switching to one product.

The creators of PathogenZERO want to help you safely pass California’s new pesticide laws. PathogenZERO is a plant protectant and growth enhancer. Certified organic, this broad-spectrum anti-pathogenic solution is made from all natural ingredients.

Why PathogenZERO is amazing

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PathogenZERO eliminates the need for pesticides and fungicides altogether. This product can effectively protect against 150 different types of pathogens, including gray mold, hemp canker, bacterial infections, and powdery mildew.

There is no need for masks or other hazmat-like materials with this stuff. PathogenZERO is completely biodegradable, meaning that it is safe to use in a variety of circumstances. Find some mold on your bud? Simply treat it with a little PathogenZERO and it will pass a laboratory test.

PathogenZERO is amazing for a few primary reasons, including:

  • It helps you save plants that already show mold
  • It helps you control what’s happening in your grow room
  • Pre-treating with PathogenZERO prevents water-borne pathogens

PathogenZero is approved for use on medical cannabis in both California and Colorado. It does not need to be rinsed off prior to harvest, and it is safe for the environment.

Interestingly, PathogenZERO has many other beneficial uses. It’s safe to use on the body, including reducing the sting of a jellyfish or healing sunburn, and increasing the storage time of fruits and vegetables.

Unlike nearly any other product out there, PathogenZERO is safe for animals, humans, and plants. You can even get it on your skin. Though, try not to get it in your eyes.

How to find PathogenZERO

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To learn more about PathogenZERO, visit PathogenZero.com. For inquiries about how to purchase this product for your grow room, please call 1-844-360-ZERO (9376).

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