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Utah is recognized for its leadership in many areas including a diverse and thriving economy, well managed fiscal responsibility, beautiful landscapes and recreational opportunities for all ages. We value our families and the health and well-being of our children and elders in high regard. Our universities and members of our medical community work closely together to produce groundbreaking research and development of technology that aids in improved outcomes, taking into account a variety of procedures, devices, and treatments for acute, chronic, and terminal health conditions, always valuing and treating the human condition with compassion.

  At RCLUtah, we recognize 71% of Utahns are in favor of legalization of medical cannabis. Utahns desire an approach to a cannabinoid medicine that will:
  • Implement legislationg that is collaborative and mindful of the values we all treasure,
  • Develop policy driven strategies that ensure a practical and sound way forward in research and development of a medical treatment for patients,
  • Guidelines that encourage researchers, elected officials and patient advocates to interact throughout the research process.
It is also extremely important to allow safe access to the medicine throughout this process:
  • Give access of medical grade varieties of the plant to those who need access for a variety of reasons,
  • Regulations that decriminalize use of medical cannabis;
  • Creates a legislative climate that provides fairness and responsibility for every participant in the chain,
  • Proper implementation of legalization will create a legitimate industry in Utah and usher in a new wave of personal freedom and economic growth.
Though five bills lay the foundation for responsible cannabinoid legislation in Utah, it is not exhaustive. Lawmakers now have the responsibility to create policy and implement laws governing the production, sale and safety of cannabinoid in Utah. RCLUtah is here for you, the concerned citizens and legislators of Utah, to provide transparency, science, education, updates, and most importantly, a voice.