Mission of RCLUtah

Founded in 2016, The mission of the Association for Responsible Cannabis Legislation | Utah is to provide high quality research and public facing events, training and science, and most of all resources and a voice to those who are yearning for change. We have consistently demonstrated integrity, transparency, and authority for those we serve.

RCLUtah is made up of citizens, medical professionals, and legislators who are dedicated to only the best for Utahns regarding the legalization of cannabis. Our goal is to work closely with the Utah Cannabis Control Board as well as state and local legislators to enact cannabinoid regulations that serve the best interest of Utah’s people, economy and consumer groups alike.



Looking to the Future

There is still a lot of work to do to bring legalization into practice in a developing industry. At RCLUtah, we're focusing on supporting medical cannabis bills introduced by Utah lawmaker Representative Daw, and extending to the unified group bringing legislation to the forefront of public policy this 2017 legislative session.


  • Authorizes the cultivation, production, possession, use, and sale of cannabis and cannabinoid medicine under certain circumstances
  • Provides for the creation of an electronic monitoring system for cannabinoid medicine
  • Creates the Cannabinoid Medicine Board within the Department of Agriculture and Food Directs the Department of Agriculture and Food to issue cannabis producer licenses and enforce cannabis producer operating requirements
  • Grants the Cannabinoid Medicine Board and the Department of Agriculture and Food rulemaking authority.
  • Directs the Department of Financial Institutions to issue cannabis payment processor licenses and enforce cannabis payment processor operating requirements
  • Directs the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing within the Department of Commerce to issue cannabinoid medicine dispensary licenses and enforce cannabinoid medicine dispensary operating requirements
  • Directs the Department of Health to issue cannabinoid medicine cards to individuals with qualifying illnesses under certain circumstances
  • Creates an exemption from sales and use tax for sales of cannabinoid medicine; imposes a special tax on the sale of cannabinoid medicine
  • Creates the Cannabinoid Medicine Restricted Account Amends provisions related to driving with a measurable metabolite of cannabinoid medicine
  • Prohibits a court from discriminating against a parent in a child custody case

RCLUtah supports a cannabinoid tax and advocates that significant revenue be placed into Utah public schools, first responders and drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs.

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