Anden to Host Webinar on How to Utilize Control Systems to Maximize Yield

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Anden’s Channel Manager Brandon Glancy (pictured left) will help cultivators understand how to use control systems to minimize risk and maximize the quality of their yield in the company’s free “Maximize Your Yield” webinar at 10:30 a.m. CST on Wednesday, Dec. 6.

From seed to sale, precision environmental control is critical for consistent, high-quality harvests, Anden says, and cultivators, design engineers and HVAC professionals should understand the importance of using equipment and systems designed for the application required in controlled environmental agriculture. Glancy will explain how to combine expertise in temperature and humidity control with the science of the grow environment, how each individual growing environment is analyzed to determine its specific needs and what factors are used to recommend the right sized systems. He will also provide a look at the continually improving equipment that brings it all together.

The webinar is scheduled for one hour with a Q&A session immediately after.

Registration can be completed here.

Anden offers solutions for environmental controls, including dehumidifiers, humidifiers and precision control technology. More information can be found at

Images courtesy of Anden

Source: Cannabis Business Times

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