Australian Centre for Cannabinoid Clinical and Research Excellence Receives Funding for Medical Marijuana Research

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The Australian Centre for Cannabinoid Clinical and Research Excellence (ACRE) has received a $2.5 million grant from the Federal Government’s National Health and Medical Research Council to help coordinate research into medicinal cannabis use.

University of Wollongong Professor Nadia Solowij has been appointed co-director of the new centre.

She has been researching the effects of long-term cannabis use on the brain for more than 25 years.

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“It’s a world first in terms of the breadth and scope of what we propose for this research centre — we have five years to look at filling the gaps in medicinal cannabis being provided in the community safely,” Professor Solowij said.

Her recent research has focused on therapeutic or harmful effects of different cannabinoids.

Professor Solowij said promising affects from cannabidiol (CBD) included reduction in psychiatric symptoms and cognitive improvements.

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