Autism Spectrum Disorder, Obstructive Sleep Apnea Now Medical Cannabis Qualifying Conditions in Minnesota

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Cottage Grove, Minn. (Nov. 30, 2017) –  The Minnesota Commissioner of Health, Dr. Ed Ehlinger, has announced that autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and obstructive sleep apnea have been added to the list of qualifying conditions approved to be treated with medical cannabis. As one of only two registered manufacturers providing cannabis and care through Minnesota’s legal program, LeafLine Labs now has the opportunity to positively impact and further promote well-being for an increasing number of Minnesotans as a result of this recent action, according to a press release.

“Today’s decision to add ASD and obstructive sleep apnea to the list of qualifying conditions is yet another positive and thoughtful step forward,” said Dr. Andrew Bachman, Founder, CEO and Chief Medical Officer, LeafLine Labs. “We are eager and honored to provide quality medicine, compassionate care, and perhaps most importantly, boundless hope, for any and all patients who we may responsibly benefit.”

Some Minnesotans, qualifying under conditions initially included in the state’s program and/or previously approved and added by Dr. Ehlinger, have already seen firsthand how LeafLine’s medical cannabis can also benefit symptoms of ASD.

“It’s been a long time coming, and an emotional day for us. We’ve worked hard to make sure that autism was added as an approved condition so that others will be able to avoid what we went through,” said Victoria Grancarich of Minneapolis. “Before medical cannabis, my 14-year-old autistic son self-harmed to the point of skull fractures and massive tissue damage. But after using medical cannabis to treat his seizures, all of his self-injury and aggression stopped. The helmet was removed and my son was able to return to school and he is my happy, sweet boy again. LeafLine Labs and medical cannabis gave us our life back.”

You can read more about Julian’s story here.

For ASD specifically, studies show that many cannabinoids produced by and concentrated in the cannabis plant interact with the body’s own endocannabinoid system, acting to not only regulate emotion and focus, but also serving as a neuroprotectant preventing further degradation of brain cells1. Research has also discovered a link between endocannabinoids and ASD. Respected researchers have concluded, “Increasing natural marijuana-like chemicals in the brain can help correct behavioral issues related to Fragile X syndrome, the most common known genetic cause of autism2.”

“The science here is sound and the countless patient success stories truly speak for themselves,” added Dr. Bachman. “As professional caregivers, we’re extremely proud of the progress made in our program with the addition of ASD and obstructive sleep apnea to the list of qualifying conditions and are both humbled and further inspired by the opportunity to care for the many Minnesotans this therapeutic option will positively impact.”

Patients can enroll in the program on July 1, 2018 and begin receiving treatment for ASD and obstructive sleep apena on August 1, 2018. LeafLine Labs will continue providing care at their four patient-focused clinic locations, which are presently serving patients over 800 hours every month.

Source: Cannabis Business Times

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