California: Greengro Technologies signs $8.4M contract with Canna Culture Collective

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Greengro Technologies, Inc., (OTC:GRNH), a leader in the US indoor controlled environment agriculture and vertical farming industry, today announced that its majority-owned subsidiary, Biodynamics, Inc., was awarded a purchase contract to build a 2-acre turn-key fully automated photovoltaic solar glass hydroponic cannabis greenhouse in Greenfield California, for Canna Culture Collective Inc., San Jose, California.

Under the terms of the agreement, Biodynamics will construct a 88,364 sq. ft. PV solar glass hydroponic cannabis greenhouse for Canna Culture Collective, Inc., and expects to start construction as soon as permitting is complete in the first quarter of 2018. The project will incorporate Biodynamics’ proprietary fully automated positive pressure PV solar glass greenhouse technology, and will be used by Canna Culture to cultivate medicinal cannabis using the Biodynamics proprietary multilevel controlled environment agriculture growing systems and techniques.

“We are excited about this opportunity to showcase our fully automated positive pressure solar glass hydroponic greenhouse technology in the legal California cannabis industry,” said Trisha Madden, CEO Biodynamics, Inc. She also noted, “Standard ploy greenhouses have been proven by many other cannabis industry leaders to be incapable of maintaining the consistent environment that is required to properly grow medical grade cannabis. Growers that use poly greenhouses produce much lower quality product, and face many other significant operational and economic challenges.

Biodynamics greenhouses provide precision atmosphere control through our proprietary positive pressure HVAC system, and fully automated computerized light depo and vertical hydroponic irrigation, all working together to increase production quality and yield, and improving energy use and over-all profitability.”

“We are very pleased to be moving forward with the first Biodynamics cannabis greenhouse,” said Greengro Technologies CEO James Haas. “Our computer controlled indoor vertical growing technologies have enormous potential across many types of agriculture, but the national cannabis greenhouse market is currently expanding very rapidly, and we are becoming a major competitor in the space.”

Haas also notes that, “Biodynamics’ unique hydroponic PV solar glass greenhouses will provide Canna Culture a significant competitive advantage over their competition. The fully automated positive pressure PV solar glass greenhouses are environmentally advantageous and a lucrative alternative to the low-tech poly cannabis greenhouse that are currently being marketed to sold to other commercial scale cannabis growers as the ‘industry standard.'”

According to Arcview Market Research, an arm of Oakland-based cannabis investment firm the Arcview Group, estimates the legal US cannabis market reached $1.8 billion in 2016 and will hit $5.8 billion by 2021.

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