California: State grant allows Long Beach's marijuana education program to grow

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Use of recreational marijuana becomes legal in California after the first of the year, and Long Beach officials are looking for ways to make that transition as safe as possible.

That Marijuana Education Program received a boost last week with a $239,000 grant from the state Office of Traffic Safety. The money is aimed specifically at drug impaired driving education to prevent traffic-related deaths and injuries.

Run by the city’s Health and Human Services Department, the Marijuana Education Program is designed to be an unbiased and trusted resource for health and safety information, according to a department release.

“People are aware they should not drive drunk, but many are unaware that it is also unsafe and illegal to drive high on marijuana and other drugs,” Kelly Colopy, Health and Human Services director, said in a release.

“With the shifts in marijuana policy in our city and state, we intend to do everything we can to prevent high driving and reduce the number of people injured or killed in drug-involved collisions.”

Long Beach’s Marijuana Education Program is conducting a survey to get more insight into behaviors and perceptions of marijuana and prescription drugs.

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