CBD Oil Illegal in Indiana According to Attorney General

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After months of confusion over the legal status of cannabidiol oil, Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill deemed it illegal in almost every circumstance. 

In April, conflicting views among state agencies on CBD oil laws emerged after Gov. Eric Holcomb signed a bill creating a registry for epileptic patients who want to ease their seizures by using CBD oil, a cannabis extract.

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Hill on Tuesday said that is the only condition under which using CBD oil is legal in the state. However, it is unclear how those patients would obtain the oil since it would be illegal to sell it in the state, under Hill’s interpretation.

“Simply put, cannabidiol is a schedule 1 controlled substance because marijuana is a schedule 1 controlled substance,” Hill said in his written advisory opinion. “Although it is a relatively new phenomenon, after thoroughly tracking the language of the Indiana law defining ‘marijuana’ it is evident that cannabidiol is now and historically has been derived from ‘a part of the plant genus cannabis.'”

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Source: Cannabis Business Times

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