Competing Cannabis Legalization Ballot Measure Unveiled in Michigan

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A cluster of buildings in downtown Detroit, Michigan.

Michigan’s Board of Canvassers has approved a second potential 2018 ballot measure to legalize cannabis use in the state, which the sponsor, Timothy Locke, calls “the Second Amendment of cannabis,” the Detroit Free Press reports. The measure would nullify all of the state’s cannabis laws and permit its use without taxes, fines, or penalties.

Additionally, the measure would release anyone imprisoned for state cannabis crimes since 1970 and expunge certain state-level criminal charges related to cannabis possession and use. It would have no effect on federal sentences.

Because the Abrogate Prohibition Michigan proposal would amend the state constitution, it would require 315,654 valid signatures from registered voters to appear on 2018 midterm election ballots.

Josh Hovey, spokesman for the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol – who has collected more than 100,000 signatures for their ballot initiative to tax-and-regulate adult-use cannabis in the state – said he couldn’t “imagine Michigan voters supporting” the now-competing proposal.

“The public expects responsible marijuana regulation that includes licensing, quality control and assurances that minors will not be able to access it,” Hovey said in the report.

Locke indicated to the Free Press that his proposal would be an economic boon because cannabis can be used to manufacture 50,000 products.

He expects to begin collecting signatures next week.

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