First marijuana dispensary billboard going up across Massachusetts

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If you’re driving through Massachusetts, four green billboards that are a first in the state might catch your attention.

The New England Treatment Access, or NETA, purchased spaces on billboards across the state: two on the Mass Pike near Exit 5 in Chicopee, one on Route 28 in Somerville and another close to the Massachusetts Avenue exit off Interstate 93.

The billboards read, “Why wait for better health,” with a link to the the medical dispensaries website. NETA operates two dispensaries in Massachusetts: one in Brookline and one in Northampton.

Based on federal law, dispensaries can’t have prices or use logos that feature marijuana symbols on their advertisements.

Norton Arbelaez, the nonprofit’s director of government affairs, told The Boston Globe that the ads are directed toward two groups: those who have considered using marijuana for medical reasons but haven’t followed through, and those who currently use the drug, but obtain it from black-market dealers.

“There’s no call to action – this is educational,” Arbelaez told the Globe. “There are tens of thousands of patients that have a need but haven’t accessed the regulated market.”

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