Global Payout’s MoneyTrac technology, Inc. enters final stages of revenue – delivering banking solutions to the cannabis industry

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Global Payout, Inc. is pleased to announce that its majority owned subsidiary, MoneyTrac Technology, Inc. is currently in the final stages of facilitating an exclusive Joint Venture Partnership agreement (“JV”) with an established financial institution to bring effective banking solutions to businesses operating within the expanding, yet underserved, cannabis industry.

While terms and other pertinent details associated with the JV will be released upon the anticipated execution of it, MTRAC and its parent company, Global Payout, Inc., believe that it may translate into significant revenue earning opportunities for MTRAC as they will become one of a very select group of companies equipped with the necessary resources to deliver banking solutions within the multi-million-dollar cannabis industry.

“The potential surrounding the anticipated completion of this Joint Venture is absolutely huge for our MoneyTrac Technology brand,” said MTRAC CEO, James Hancock. “MoneyTrac was launched almost exclusively to address the many different challenges that businesses in the cannabis industry face with trying to operate their legitimate business, and one of those challenges remains the lack of access many of them have to banking solutions. This JV would allow us to provide a much-needed solution to these businesses and put our company in a position to potentially secure a number of revenue generating service agreements that could most certainly create significant short and long-term revenue streams for us in addition to increasing the value of our service offerings for our clients within this industry,” Mr. Hancock commented further.

The company plans to continue working diligently to complete JV and will release more details as they become available in the coming weeks.

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