Historic Day for Medical Cannabis in Utah

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Utah Governor, Gary Herbert, signing HB0130 Medical Cannabinoid Research Bill into Law
Utah Governor, Gary Herbert, signed historic legislation into law today allowing Medical Cannabis Research in human trials. While Medical Cannabis is not yet legal in Utah, this is a huge step towards studying the medicinal value of cannabis, and the responsible methods for dosing it to patients . The bill, HB0130 Cannabinoid Research, sponsored by Representative Brad Daw and Co-sponosred by Senator Vickers, unanimously passed both the State House (70-2-3) and Senate (27-1-1).

This legislation will create a Cannabinoid Product Board and permit studying cannabis products for medical use. The Board will review existing research conducted under and approved by an Institutional Review Board for the purposes of determine qualifying medical conditions, dosage amounts and forms, interactions with other treatments, and develop guidelines for physicians who recommend treatment with a cannabinoid product. Legislation also allows a person to possess cannabis or a cannabinoid product who are pursuant to an institutional review board study. Details for medical cannabis studies will be available soon.

The Responsible Cannabis Legislation Association of Utah (RCL Utah) would like to thank all the Utah Lawmakers, Governor Gary Herbert, patients and our RCL Utah team members for their hard work on making this historic legislation law. Please continue to support further efforts for Medical Cannabis in Utah as there are more amazing things to come.

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4 Comments on “Historic Day for Medical Cannabis in Utah”

  1. I would like to request to be placed on an email list to receive notices of research trials, studies, and evaluation findings. Thank you.

  2. Bravo! We will take baby steps if we need to Governor. I know full plant access is the way to go, in order to get the maximize benefit for patients. WE so appreciate the steps you are taking to do so methodically. I must admit my daughter Christine Stenquist and I never believed it would take 4 years to move forward with this being such a conservative state, I guess so. WE had hoped that it would not have taken so long. Many patients have died where as they would have lived if they had legal access to there medicine (Cannabis). My ex-husband husband and friend is a retired narcotics police officer who enforced the law of illegal drugs and cannabis, well my daughter after 15 years of being bed ridden with a tumor, got approval from her dad from Florida to try it. She is now fighting the very law that her dad had to enforce. Christine Stenquist is a medical cannibis activast…she is the founder of T>R>U>C>E>… she also ran for office of House of Rep. district #17. If we could assist you in any way, please fill free to ask. Thank you and good luck. By the way my daughter will be speaking again at Washington D.C. for Safe legal Cannabis. I think senator Hatch knows her. I know she’s had lunch with Sen. Lee’s wife. Thank you. Good Luck!!

  3. We’re behind the times in this. It’s a great step forward however – finally. But instead of wasting time studying a subject that has thousands of positive statistics, let’s just get on with it. There are so many people for whom it will be too late the longer Utah drags its feet. And it’s not just for medicinal use, it has a multitude of uses in the textile industry. It angers me that a government will be so narrow minded to put a halt to something so useful in so many ways. It is a natural plant created by a much higher power than any government institution, so, what right does government have in controlling its use? This is from nature!!! Is the government going to tell me I can’t utilize rain water now? Oh wait, they already have!!!

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