Lagunitas Unveils an IPA Made With Cannabis

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Petaluma-based brewery Lagunitas has released a beer that features marijuana terpenes and has partnered with AbsoluteXtracts to create hop-infused vape oil. 

Both the beer and the vape oil are made with the terpenes. Terpenes are the fragrant oils that are secreted by flower resin glands. They are what gives both marijuana and hops their aromatic diversity.

The beer, called ‘SuperCritical’, is made with terpenes that California company CannaCraft removes from cannabis plants and contains no THC or CPD. The only buzz is from the alcohol content.

SuperCritical is described as having an earthy hop bitterness, grassy flavors, and a sticky finish. It’s currently available on tap at several Bay Area bars for a limited time.

The beer is available all through California including hot spots in the City like Toronado and Zeitgeist. Click here to find all the locations they are currently pouring SuperCritical.


The vape oil, available from AbsoluteXtracts, does contain THC and uses the aromatics from hops chosen by Lagunitas.


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