Many Humboldt County Cannabis Farmers Leery of Legalization, Early Survey Results Show

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A Washington, D.C.-based data analyst firm has released preliminary results on its survey on how Humboldt County cannabis farmers operate and what they think of the legalization of the industry.

Of the answers submitted by the 63 growers who have completed the survey as of this week, some of the answers are not so surprising. The overwhelming majority of respondents are growing outdoors, are self-funded, do not have a bank account and don’t have any other access to financial services.

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“The community is primarily made up of growers only,” New Frontier Data wrote in its preliminary results. “65 percent are not vertically integrated.”

To bring themselves into the regulatory fold, about 47 percent of surveyed farmers said they are looking to raise $1 million, with another 27 percent saying they want to raise less than $100,000.

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Source: Cannabis Business Times

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