Michigan Communities Deciding to Opt In or Out of Medical Marijuana Businesses

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As the state board that will regulate Michigan’s new medical marijuana law begins to craft the rules that will govern the multimillion dollar industry, the state’s cities, townships and villages must decide whether they want in or out.

Ferndale probably will allow medical marijuana businesses into the Oakland County city, [Mayor Dave] Coulter said. But the city council is being careful and deliberative on how many, what type and where medical marijuana businesses can locate within the city’s borders.

STATE BY STATE: Michigan Cannabis News

 Some communities have already jumped on the medical marijuana bandwagon, passing ordinances that will bring a variety of new business to their towns. According to an unofficial list developed by the Cannabis Legal Group, a Royal Oak law firm that represents medical marijuana clients, so far, six municipalities have passed ordinances, 25 more are likely to pass ordinances in the near future and 14 communities have decided to stay out of the business.

Other communities are more conservative. In Marshall, the city restricted the areas where facilities can be placed to two industrial zoned areas, leaving room for only four or five businesses in the town. One company — Michigan Great Lakes Farms — has already purchased 25 acres in one of the industrial zones, gotten a site plan approved by the city and plans to apply for a state license to grow up to 1,500 marijuana plants, said city manager Tom Tarkewicz.

Other communities don’t want medical marijuana businesses in their community at all. The City of Monroe opted out, for now, because the state hasn’t come up with the rules and regulations yet that will govern the industry.

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Source: Cannabis Business Times

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