Michigan Medical Marijuana Board Member Proposes Shut Down of Existing Dispensaries

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EAST LANSING — A proposal to close all medical marijuana dispensaries operating in Michigan until the state starts officially licensing them drew outrage from people who depend on the drug to treat a variety of ailments.

Donald Bailey, a retired Michigan State Police trooper and member of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Licensing Board, said the dispensaries should be shut down by Sept. 5 and any outlets that remain open should not be eligible to apply for licenses when the state makes those applications available on Dec. 15.

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“Every dispensary out there is open in violation of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act,” Bailey said during an afternoon meeting of the board. “It’s a felony for every sale that occurs from a dispensary.”

After hearing from dozens of medical marijuana patients and potential future marijuana business owners, the board decided to table Bailey’s proposal.

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