Steep Hill Announces Plans to Open in Oregon

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BERKELEY, Calif., Nov. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Jm├«chaele Keller, President and CEO of Steep Hill, the global leader in cannabis science, testing and analytics, announced it has licensed its cannabis testing technology to pain and addiction physician Dr. Carl Balog. Dr. Balog plans to open Steep Hill Oregon as a full service medical and adult-use cannabis quality assurance laboratory and research facility in Portland, Ore., bringing Steep Hill’s proprietary scientific tools and methodology to the state. Dr. Balog is also an owner of a medical toxicology lab, so he understands the importance of integrity and best practices in lab environments from both an owner’s and a physician’s perspective, according to a press release.

In making the announcement, Mr. Keller said, “We are pleased to announce our expansion into Oregon and especially pleased to partner with Dr. Balog, a physician who brings years of pain and addiction experience to the Steep Hill body of expertise. In addition, Dr. Balog plans to use his specialized knowledge to aid Steep Hill’s research and development efforts to broaden our understanding of cannabis chemistry and to explore its wider medical applications. In partnering with Dr. Balog, we hope that Steep Hill will be able to help physicians around the United States to curb the opioid epidemic by offering Steep Hill Verified medicinal cannabis as an alternative to a crisis that plagues this country.”

Owner and Medical Director of Steep Hill Oregon, Dr. Balog, said, “I am excited and honored to represent Steep Hill in Oregon. We will offer comprehensive testing to the highest standards that Steep Hill has set for itself and its licensees. I believe that engaged physicians need to advocate for consumer health and welfare as more and more patients use cannabis products for medicinal purposes. I deal with the consequences of the opioid epidemic on a daily basis as a pain and addiction specialist. The growing trend of using cannabis products as an alternative to opioids highlights the need for regulated testing. Because of the variability of marijuana preparations, testing ensures that scientific rigor is applied in a standardized way. I am dedicated to ensuring that patients have access to safe, tested cannabis, free from contaminants and to verified labels that can be trusted for their content.”

Dr. Balog currently practices Pain and Addiction Medicine in Portland, Ore. An authority in his field with four board certifications, Dr. Balog, an anesthesiologist, is on the editorial board of the peer-reviewed journal Pain Physician. After graduating from Williams College, he enrolled at Semmelweis Medical University in Budapest, Hungary. He completed training in Internal Medicine at Yale-affiliated Greenwich Hospital and Anesthesiology at the University of California San Francisco. Witness to the opioid epidemic, he remains optimistic about the future direction of pain management, but warns, “How we treat suffering in this country defines us as a nation. Cannabis may be a very useful harm reduction tool, but clinical research is sorely needed. Steep Hill Oregon will be distinguished by its focus on the potential opioid-sparing effects found in the cannabis plant.” 

Steep Hill Oregon is expected to open for business in the second quarter of 2018, and it will be located at: 134 SE Taylor Street, Portland, OR 97214. 833-933-3522

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Source: Cannabis Business Times

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